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All in one solution to all your documentation problems. We produce, reproduce, renew, duplicate US identification documents.

Our Services

Here at Express Documentation Online, we specialize in Identification documents in the USA. That includes: passports, ID cards, Drivers licenses, and Social Security Cards. We can:

Document Production

We can produce any US identification document of your choice. Fake or authentic

Document Registration

We can produce any document of your choice, and have it registered. So that, it is verifiable and legal

Document Duplication

A can produce an exact copy of any identification document you already have. So that you have several.

Grades we produce

All our documents come in two categories: The authentic documents and fake documents.

Authentic documents

These are exactly like the ones issued buy any government agency: with all security features and are duly registered in the necessary national databases.

Fake Documents

These come with all security features and look exactly like the authentic ones, but are not registered in the government's database. These are slightly cheaper than the authentic documents.

Documents we produce

We specialize in the following documents:


Driver’s Licenses

ID Cards

Social Security Cards

Client testimonials

A quick look at what some of our happy clients say about us

I am Bolivian and immigrate to the US. The process was very easy. Manager was attentive and answered to all my questions very fast. We think that the process would be very difficult and lengthy but we did not feel..

Everything went smoothly, and I am very happy i didn’t have to wait too long. The agent who served us was friendly and efficient. He didn’t speak much but was always clear and straight to the point. My wife..

I am really happy that I made an agreement with Mr. Witsel from customer service. He really helped me a lot. I am impressed by the service which is very fast and efficient. Also, I appreciate responsibility and..

Happily working in the US now with a US passport and id. I contacted this website eight months ago for a passport which I so much needed to be able to get a job as a citizen. It finally took eleven days and not the ten..

Best prices in the market

My prices are moderate and our documents are top notch, legal, authentic and verifiable. All you have to do is drop us a message and we will take it from there!

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